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Adam Soch
Based in Los Angeles, California, USA


Contact me -

      1 (818) 642 4335

      Los Angeles, California

2017, Producer at Classic Arts Showcase

2016, Winner Ljubljana Film Festival
2016, Selected Blow-Up Chicago Film Festival.
2015, Selected for Sao Paulo, Brazil Film Festival
Video Consultant at Los Angeles Opera for 10 yrs.
LA Weekly Videographer of the Year
Founder of CULTURESonFILM, a nonprofit org.


-Critics have referred to my “hallmark” work with the moving image as “stunning, remarkable and compelling.”

-Love to videotape live performances in small or large venues with one or 2 or 4 cameras. 

Love media. Love video. Love video art.

I am more interested in making a social impact than making a commercial return on my projects. I found this out by filming a documentary in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. I will never forget this amazing experience.
I have had the opportunity to go around the world and create videos that will make a difference; Africa, India, Eastern Europe, Eurasia or South and Central America are just a few places I have made documentary films. I work on projects that are close to my heart. Issues like teen pregnancy, overpopulation, sexually transmitted diseases, mistreatment of ethnic groups, religious fundamentalism, inequality, the environment, global hunger, women's and gay rights are all topics I am interested in.


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